Who the hell do I think I am?

Well, where can I start on an 'about me' page? First of all, there are very few things that make me different than anyone here. I love motorcycles, though if you came to this site, you probably do too.

I'm not too active on messageboards anymore. I am on the John Hopkins' messageboard and 2Fastwheels.com., other than that, I'm not a big into the messageboards anymore. I do enjoy myspace, and here's a lighter side of me.

As for motorcycling, I started on motorcycles at age 8, on a 1978 Yamaha GT-80. I'll just say it wasn't that old when I had it. My Mom didn't much care for motorcycles, so she tricked me into getting rid of it. I thought if I agreed to sell the bike, they'd buy me one of the cool new plastic tanked YZ80's that just came out as soon as I could reach the ground. My new dirtbike never came. :^(

At 19, I bought my very own streetbike. A 1979 Kawasaki KZ750. I loved that bike. I thought I was the next Eddie Lawson on that thing. I was wrong. I did have a spectacular accident with it. The bike actually landed on my legs while running in third gear. Not very cool, huh?

Well, it took a few years, but I bought a 1994 Honda CBR600F2, brand-new, left-over. It was the beautiful purple, black and yellow. I loved the bike. I did have one problem with it. It was expensive for a college kid like I was then. Therefore racing was impossible. So I would go to the track with my friend, but I couldn't go for myself.

So in 1999, I finally got to go on the track, but instead of racing, I went out with Team Promotion, a track club. I loved it so much, I cancelled all plans to do anymore trackdays for the rest of the year and saved the money to buy a track-only bike. That was solved by the purchase of a 1988 Yamaha FZR400 (a bike I always wanted).

Details of my first Teampromotion track day are here!

So for 2000, I thought everything would be set for lots of track time. April 15th, Pocono East Course, I was signed up for Team Promotion's CCS license school. I didn't ride well as my 400's jetting was all screwed up. But I did keep it on two and got my stuff to get my license. Yes!!

Things got interesting on the May 14th track date. The jetting on my 400 was fixed, but now it was me who had the problems. For the week prior, I had 'pins and needles' feeling in my feet. I thought it was fatigue related as I was working under a lot pressure, we had a report due and a lot of clean up work. I wasn't sleeping well and often working hours after quitting time. On the 13th we were doing some last minute going over of the bike. I was sure that this was going to be the day I'd get bumped to the red group. I didn't care what the hell I felt like, I just had to ride. I got the track and was in the rider's meeting when I heard the run down of wristbands and found myself in Red-1. I was shocked. I was a little scared. I rode slow, but held my line and I think I did some good lap times. As the day went on I was just getting so damn tired I couldn't ride at a pace I felt was fast enough not to endanger my follow riders. So I went home.

To shorten things up, I was later diagnosed with M.S. more info is available on my M.S. Page.

As for me and racing/track time, my doctors tell me racing is no problem. Unfortunately, finances haven't been easy on me. I did however win one race last year (2003) and got one third. I also got one DNS. This year I will be focusing on GT Lights and Ultra-Light Weight Superbike. Hopefully, I'll be more financially sound this year.

As for me and M.S., I don't worry about it. I just have to remember not to over-do things. And sometimes that's the hardest part.